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Hoboken, New Jersey

Clients converted two Hoboken condominiums into one and wanted the renovated space to look as if it had originally been built as a single residence. Skillful placement of furnishings, as well as careful attention to proportion help create the seamless contemporary living space the clients wanted. A live-edge walnut table has bench seating demarcating the dining room, while still creating an open feeling. Gold foil beaded damask wall coverings add a modern twist on a traditional pattern. A HelenBilt pendant, evocative of a beautiful anemone spun from gold, hangs above the live edge walnut table. ( “One statement fixture can be the perfect piece of art for a room. Not everything can, or should be, an art piece. You have to pick your high impact pieces carefully.” ) In the living room, the luxury of chocolate silk mohair sofas is offset by the simplicity of the round chrome coffee table.  

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